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Eye Liner, Lip Liner and Eyebrows
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Blow Dry , Haircut ,
Permanent Make Up(Tattoo)

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Eye brow , Eye liner, Lip liner and Full Lips


Wash, Cut & Finish, Blow Dries, Hair


Tattoo, Permanent Make Up, Semi Permanent Make Up


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Ilana Rabie offers high quality haircuts,hairdesign and she has tones of experience in permanent make ups (Tattoo). Ilana with 30 years of experience is dedicated to her quality of services and values. At the FARAH Salon, Ilana is staying current with the best & latest hair styles & trends. Persian and Arabic styles She recognizes that each haircut and individual is unique and she is an expert at helping you create a hair style of beauty for her clients.

Ilana Rabeie, Hair Dresser

Ilana Special